Bargaintown (Ellis Island Limited) is Ireland’s largest leading furniture chain store. We are 100% Irish owned and have been in business for over 50 years. We offer a wide range of quality furniture and carpets at unbeatable prices in the Dublin area.

Ellis Island Limited. offers an extensive list of services for apartment outfitting. Our aim is to ensure that all your specific needs and requirements are met. All staff are trained in their respective trades, are directly employed and all carry safe pass and have attended manual handling courses. All our outfittings are finished to the highest standard.

Bargaintown EUTR statement of commitment


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If you want to make a purchase or need advice, please call and if you have any enquires related to carpet and flooring please email:                                                                                                                                                   
Location Contact Number Email
Smithfield Gerry 016774002
Glasnevin Sean 0858017660 - 018820774
Coolock Josef 0858885630 - 018470429
Royal Liver Myron 0858017665 - 014604137
Tallaght Joey 014519162
Bray Dan 0858883679 - 012760672



Removing Drawer Straps

First, ensure you unpack and assemble your divan in a clean and safe area to avoid marking or damaging your items. If your divan includes drawers, follow the instructions below. If not, proceed to Step 2.

To prevent drawers from sliding open during transit, drawer retaining straps are stapled inside the divan. You can either carefully release these straps from the fastening point or cut them away as shown in the image below. The maximum drawer weight is 15kg. Do not overload the drawers.

  1. Use scissors to cut the strap and release the drawer.
  2. Cut the remaining strap to the desired length as shown in the image.


Attaching Castors/Feet

Flip the divan base over to make the underside accessible. Carefully insert the castors or divan feet into the pre-drilled holes and gently tap them into place. If there is fabric covering the holes, use a screwdriver or the socket on the wheel to puncture through the fabric. If necessary, use a rubber mallet. Avoid using excessive force. Ensure that all castors or feet are securely attached to the corners of both divan bases.


Attaching Clips

If you have a 2FT6 or 3FT divan, proceed directly to Step 4. For 4FT, 4FT6, 5FT, or 6FT divans, locate the appropriate position for your divan clips. Carefully peel back the dust sheet and place the clips over both divan edges, gently pushing them into place. You may find it easier to put the divan bases on their side to attach the clips. Once all clips are fitted, ask a friend or family member to help you lift both halves together and turn the divan onto its feet. Now proceed to Step 4.

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