Mattresses Type Comparison

A useful guide to the different spring and foam configurations our mattresses use - better understand which mattress type is best for you.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Made completely from soft memory foam that sculpts and moulds itself to your form for a comfortable and nested feeling as you sleep.

  • Support Range: Medium to Firm
  • Perfect For: Side, Back & Front Sleepers

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses (also known as combination mattresses) contain a top foam layer combined springs. The foam layer offers a high level of comfort while the springs offer great support.

  • Support Range: Soft to Very Firm
  • Perfect For: Side & Front Sleepers

Pocket Spring Mattresses

The spring configuration of this type of mattress consists of springs individually wrapped in fabric or "pocketed" coils. This allows for individual springs to move free from the rest of the springs meaning you're less likely to feel the movement of a partner during the night.

  • Support Range: Soft to Very Firm
  • Perfect For: Back & Front Sleepers

Open Spring Mattresses

These mattresses utilize a system of "open" metal springs connected together with a system of metal railings - open spring mattresses offer a firm sleep than other mattress types.

  • Support Range: Medium to Very Firm
  • Perfect For: Smaller Budgets

Rolled-Up Mattresses

Mattresses that come rolled up in a box which unroll once you open them - they come in a range of different spring or foam types and are great for small budgets, narrow hallways and easy transportation.

  • Support Range: Medium to Very Firm
  • Perfect For: Side, Back & Front Sleeps & Easy Transportation

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